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Advertise on DIYBizPlan.com and reach an audience of entrepreneurs and small business owners! DIYBizPlan.com offers advertisers and merchants the ability to market their products, services and opportunities to a strong niche base of loya potential customers.

Interest in entrepreneurship is growing in the United States. Universities are initiating entrepreneurship classes and degrees, numbers of clients served are growing among the technical assistance providers and small business ownership is up among all demographics.

Our target market isl entrepreneurs who are actively involved in starting a business. Demographics & Site Statistics Search metrics for "Business Plan" and "Starting a Business" range from 65,000-85,000 per month on Yahoo! Search alone. Overall there are over 318,000 monthly searches between Google, Yahoo, and MSN for the phrase "Business Plan" and 335,000 searches for "Starting a Business". DIYBizPlan.com has over hundreds of pages of resources and information. 

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Advertising Options include:

    • Sponsorships - Financial Projection Sponsorship Available - Logo in protected page footer.
    • Banner Ads - $10.00 week - no click fees! minimum $30.00
    • Banner Ads - Cost Per Click - Minimum Bid $0.25
    • Customized Partnerships - Co-Sponsored Events, Contests, and More!
    • Barter - Have something of interest to us...let talk about a trade!

Email us at sales@diybizplan.com to have a company representative contact you to learn more. 


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