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Capital Business Plan Software is designed specifically for entrepreneurs and startup businesses. The online business plan program has an easy to use interface that is accessible from any internet enabled computer in the world.

Targeted to Startups and Micro Businesses our business planning software covers the six basic sections of a business plan: The Executive Summary, Business Description, Market Potential, Marketing, Operations and Management. It also includes an easy to follow 12 month financial projection program based in Microsoft Excel. Just input your data in four easy to follow worksheets and the program will do the rest creating a beginning balance sheet (sources and use of funds), profit and loss, statement of cash flows and balance seet for the first year of operations.

Find out just how easy it is to use at DIYBizPlan.com, just create a username and password, activate your account and your on you way to writing a business plan that is professionally formatted. Your plan will be saved to our online database so you can come back and work on it anytime. Just login and pick up where you left off.


Would you like to have your own private label version of Capital Business Plan added to your website?

Private Label Licensing

Software LLC offers annual licensing agreements of our online planning software to Non-Profits and Educational Organizations in the United States.

For SCORE, SBDC Centers and Government Programs
Perfect for Entrepreneurship programs at colleges, government technical assistance programs such as SCORE, SBDC centers or private nonprofits who would like to offer this valuable tool to their members. 

Private label versions will have your logo and color scheme built into our software.  We also will take care of the domain, hosting, maintenance and updates so you can provide this tool worry free to your clients.  Finally, our software includes an easy to use administrative website where you can customize your own plan instructions, view your clients registration information and export email lists.  We can customize our software to fit your needs!