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Our Mission
“Provide simple explanations to complex startup problems with strategies for implementation."

Who we are:  Start-Up Software was started by a business consultant and entrepreneur.  The company was created to help entrepreneurs start their own business. Over the years our team has helped thousands of people start their journey into business ownership. During that time we noticed several things:

1. 85% of the questions asked fell into several specific categories. We found ourselves giving the same answers to the same questions day after day. Despite the myriad of information available on the internet people were not finding the answers to the same specific questions regarding business startup.

2. A majority of our clients needed or wanted a business plan but were overwhelmed by the 50+ page templates and complex financial projections they found on the web. We simplified the process that we use to help our clients build a business plan, and made it available electronically through our site as
Capital Business Plan Software.

3. These tools and resources hold great value for other organizations & technical assistance providers.  All of our resources are available for licensing to non-profit and for-profit ventures. 

Who we serve: Entrepreneurs, Small Business, Micro Businesses, and Startups.

Why we are here:  To provide our clients with the necessary tools to start a business.

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