---- Start-Up Software - A Micro Business Community----

Startup-Software.com is the framework for all of the online and offline tools resources, portals and intellectual property owned by Start-Up Software LLC.  We are a community dedicated to aiding in the startup and success of small businesses around the world. 

Our Network includes:

DIYBizPlan.com is the core of the network.  Launched in January of 2007 as an online business portal for startup businesses and micro businesses.  DIYBizPlan.com is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs and startup companies the most up to date and relevant startup business articles, business planning tools, business plan software reviews and even a free adware version of our Capital Business Plan software program.

Capital Business Plan Software is our core product offering and is integrated into DIYBizPlan.com and is designed specifically for startup businesses. The online business plan program has an easy to use interface that is accessible from any internet enabled computer in the world.  Start-Up Software LLC offers annual licensing agreements of our free online planware to non-profit and educational organizations in the United States.  In addition, we will be offering a limited number of exclusive country/territory full feature licensing agreements to international web based businesses that will not compete with the US Market.

MrBizPlan.com is the DIYBizPlan blog that discusses business planning, starting a business or anything else related to small business startup or management.